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Alternatives to YouTube: 6 Video Sharing Suggestions

There are alternatives to YouTube, which offer a variety of options for sharing video content. Platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion are a few of the options.

Just because something is the biggest or the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option. In today’s world, we’re lucky to have a choice and an opportunity to choose things and tools that best meet our needs. YouTube is getting worse with more unskippable ads, strange content flagging, censorship issues, etc. This is why at least knowing a 
YouTube alternative 
is a must.
In this article, we’ll look at 6 
alternatives to YouTube 
for a safer and overall better browsing experience.

Why might you want a YouTube alternative?

First things first. Mr. Beast, KSI, your favorite gaming, hobby, car, fashion, finance, and other content creators are likely active on YouTube. So, we must answer why YouTube alternatives should be relevant at all.
Especially with the rise of AI-generated content, Spiceworks reported a 200-300% surge in malware infections that were transmitted through YouTube (Click here for source). These were done mainly by uploading how-to-type videos and tutorials for software-related issue-solving. Hackers could steal much more information by providing a download link infected with malware disguised as a fix.
Pair that with more and more unskippable ads, a rampant spread of misinformation, and the increasing privacy concerns related to target advertising, and you might see where we’re going with the goal of showing alternative sites to YouTube.

A list of 6 YouTube Alternatives

Here are the 6 worthy alternatives for video sharing and streaming:
· Vimeo
· Dailymotion
· Rumble
· Bitchute
· PeerTube
Source for monthly visitors taken from Similarweb.com


Vimeo is a well-known name in the streaming industry. According to Similarweb, it has around 70 million visitors each month. On Vimeo, you can often find amateur and indie films, creative and filmography-related content. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo caters more to video artists, avant-garde, artsy cinema lovers, and professionals looking to display their portfolio and creativity.
The best part about Vimeo as a 
YouTube alternative 
is that it doesn’t have annoying unskippable ads. Furthermore, Vimeo creators can enjoy many features, templates, and stock footage to improve their editing and production quality.
To sum up, it’s more for the creators or those enjoying high-quality videography. Check out their pricing to see what Vimeo can offer you or your business (Click here).


Dailymotion gets even more visitors – over 130 million each month. It’s one of the most significant video streaming and sharing websites around. How is it different from YouTube? Well, it also has a lot of user-generated content, but it prioritizes diversity and tends to show you something new every time. Whereas after a long time, you can get bored with the same old YouTube recommendations, recycling the same stuff over and over again, Dailymotion can help find something trending and valuable to watch over and over again.
People usually turn to Dailymotion to stay up-to-date on trends, find video reports on news, etc. On it, the word spreads much faster than on YouTube, and you can familiarize yourself with trends more quickly than on TikTok, even.


Rumble has a massive reputation for being the shelter or asylum for those banned or demonetized on YouTube and Twitter who didn’t like the feedback they were getting on the mentioned platforms. But Rumble can offer you much value if you look beneath its reputation. Aside from politics, Rumble has educators and many entertainment channels with gaming, sketches, celebrity interviews, live streaming, etc.
It is currently the fastest-growing alternative to YouTube worldwide, with more than 170 million visitors monthly. If you are tired of what the YouTube algorithm tries to show you but seek a similar experience in terms of content value, Rumble might be a great alternative.


LBRY is very different from all the other sites we mentioned. First, it isn’t a website but rather an app you download. Furthermore, you can upload videos, music, ebooks, and more.
LBRY is a censorship-resistant video-sharing platform where only the creator and the person who uploaded it can remove the content. This addresses a huge issue with content ID flags that YouTube hasn’t been able to fix for a while. Even though LBRY works on a blockchain and seeks to revolutionize the game, there isn’t much content on it. Still, you take 100 % of the revenue from your videos because you can price them. Sounds cool, huh?


BitChute emphasizes total free speech. And no online-accessible video-sharing platform with millions of visitors takes it as far as them. This is why some people consider BitChute too edgy. If you look at the list of active content creators, you can find even the most controversial conspiracy theorists and shows with a very, let’s say, unique reputation.
But if you believe in total free speech and hate ads, BitChute is the place to be. It gets around 20 million visitors a month and offers many entertaining videos.


We can recommend PeerTube to users most concerned about data privacy and centralization. Unlike traditional video-sharing platforms, PeerTube operates on a federated network of instances, allowing individuals and communities to host their video servers while remaining interconnected.
PeerTube puts content moderation in the hands of instance administrators, giving users greater control over their Peer network videos. By embracing decentralization, PeerTube aims to provide a censorship-resistant, community-driven video-sharing experience. You can see what resembles your interests best, avoiding cliché recommendations.


So, hopefully, this list of YouTube alternatives
was helpful. Whether you’re an eager creator, a privacy-focused individual, a person valuing free speech, or just someone curious about new experiences, check out the platforms we listed on this blog.
This topic is significantly related to a digital footprint (Read our article about it). When sharing files, it is essential to understand that once it is on the web, it is out there and might be out there for ages. When considering where to upload your videos, you should be aware of each platform and what your rights are.
Don’t forget that security is essential everywhere on the web, not just when it comes to video streaming. Skyda offers privacy-focused, and E2E encrypted messaging and communication for your device. Get it now and share video content or your thoughts freely, without censorship! (Learn more)
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